Thursday, August 21, 2014

Letter From Our National Delegates

Hi Girl Scout Families,
This year is a National Convention year for Girl Scouts.  The GSUSA convention meets once every three years.  We have been honored to be selected as your delegates to represent our Council, you, in Salt Lake City this October.  One of our responsibilities as delegates is to represent your thoughts and view points at the National level.  As you know Girl Scouts is the premiere Girl Leadership Program in the United States.  To keep the Girl Scout programming moving forward GSUSA likes to have input from Girl Scouts across our country.  One of the ways GSUSA does this is by having open discussions at the convention. This year there will be an open discussion about the importance of Outdoor experiences for girls and what role Girl Scouts should take to help promote outdoor experiences.  GSUSA compiled research on the importance of outdoor experiences.  To make this report relevant for Girl Scouts, GSUSA has used input from about half the councils, including ours, on the type of programming, opportunities available and their outcomes as in addition to external research.

The full report can be seen in this link:
Some of the points we found interesting were: how much unstructured play time a girl has per day,  the percentage of troops that participate in outdoor activities and the significant impact outdoor opportunities have on a girls quality of life.

GSUSA has asked us, the delegates, to share this report with you and to ask you a few questions regarding the role of GS in outdoor experiences and how can GSUSA and Council support this goal from the National level to the troop level.  We have created a survey to compile your answers.

Please take a moment and read through the More than S'mores report, and then answer our 10 short question questionnaire.

The results of the surveys will be compiled, sent to GSUSA and represented at the Open Discussion.  This is your chance to have input on outdoor GS programming.

If you have more than one girl in Girl Scouts grades K-12, you may fill out the survey for each girl.  Girls ages 14 and over encouraged to fill out the survey on their own.  The deadline for completing the questionnaire is September 8, 2014.

Thank you for taking time to review the report and participating in our questionnaire.   We appreciate your support of Girl Scouts and look forward to representing your ideas at the National Convention.

Jean Ward
Alicia Slattery
Cindy Beim
Gayenell Burch
Ginny Marino
Hugh Regan
Jeanne Fox
Lisa Cheng
Raina Lindsey Searles  
Rebecca Conn
Sanjana Saksena
Smriti Ganjoo
Jan Anderson

GSCSNJ Delegates

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