Friday, March 14, 2014

WAGS Robotics Team Creates Leadership Videos

Team 6037 WAGS stands for We Are Girl Scouts – a GSCSNJ robotics team who set a goal to learn new technologies and was awarded the Motivate Award at the NJ State Championships for the FIRST Robotics Competition on March 2. The Motivate Award is a judged competition that celebrates the team with the most team building, team spirit and enthusiasm. They celebrate their team, their individuality and their creativity while also making a collective effort to make

FIRST known throughout their school. Guidelines for the Motivation Award include:
  • Team demonstrates respect and Gracious Professionalism to all
  • Team functions as a cohesive unit to discover the goals of the program
  • Team can articulate the journey of becoming a team of individuals with different roles
  • Team has formed and can articulate internal processes to assign roles and communicate between team members
  • Team attitude of celebration and spirit is consistent throughout the team and the competition
  • Team is enthusiastic
  • Team functions well as a unit
  • Team enthusiasm is evident in community outreach
The team was also honored as the only 3 Star Showcase Team in the state of New Jersey for all of their community outreach. Very few awards are given out at this competition of 48 teams.

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