Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Free Being Me!

Did you know….

60% of girls avoid activities they LOVE because they feel bad about their bodies.
Body Confidence?
Only 11% of girls would use the word ‘beautiful’ to describe themselves.
Body Confidence?
45% of girls believe that women and girls are held back from taking on leadership positions because they lack confidence in the way they look.
Body Confidence?

Body Confidence is a new term being used and means exactly what you think…when one feels good about their body.  GSUSA has teamed up with our sisters worldwide, WAGGGS (World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts), and Dove to begin the conversation globally on body confidence.  Body confidence is a worldwide epidemic that is affecting girls and women in every country and continent of the globe.  The Girl Scout Organization has been partnering with DOVE and the Self-Esteem project for many years.  Locally, our council has participated in programs like Uniquely Me and the Dove Self Esteem Weekends.  Now…partnering on a global level, Dove is working with GSUSA and our sister Girl Guides around the globe on a new initiative – FREE BEING ME!

Free Being Me is all about building ‘body confidence’ in girls which is an important step to empowering our leaders of tomorrow.  Curriculum is designed for girls ages 7-10 and ages 11-14 and supplements the girls work with the ‘A World of Girls’, ‘aMUSE’, ‘MEdia’, and ‘Mission Sisterhood’ Journeys.  Girls will have the opportunity to learn what’s inside us is what matters most and that there is not just one way to look beautiful.  The activities help girls discover that there are different beauty ideals from around the world, how media effects how girls/women few themselves, and how they can build body confidence in themselves and friends. 

GSUSA is planning to reach 1.5 million girls in the United States and over 3 million girls will be served worldwide by 2016.   Free Being Me will debut in February, 2014 and GSCSNJ is ready to work with YOU to bring this program to our girls.  Stay tune for webinars, training sessions, and program events that incorporate the Free Being Me curriculum.

Did you know….when girls participated in body confidence programming:
  • 78% of girls felt more confident and capable in school
  • 71% of girls had a better relationship with their peers
  • 53% of girls felt they had a better relationship with their families

Download the FREE teaser activity now to do with your daughters, sisters, friends, and Girl Scouts!  More to come in February!  

I can’t wait to….work with our girls on body confidence! 
Kimberly Reed, GSLE Director

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