Wednesday, October 2, 2013

We All Have A Story to Share - What's Yours?

Girl Scouting is the place where a girl can make a difference in her world, and that world is endless. From her school or local community, to her state, country and beyond. We see the difference Girl Scouting makes everyday.

Share your story online, and inspire others to join and volunteer. Join GSCSNJ on Wednesday, October 2 as we share our stories.

  1. Please download a story image below, or from any of our social media sites including Facebook, Flickr and Pinterst.
  2. Use a photo editor of your choice to finish the statement. You can also use for free online!
  3. Upload your image to your social media page of choice and post with the hashtag #icantwaitto along with a link to join at
Thanks for joining us!

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