Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Rugged Dozen

The 60 Year Sisterhood:  The 'Rugged Dozen' Reunite

The year was 1951: The Korean War continued, Mickey Mantle hit his first Home Run, and the Girl Scouts of the "Rugged Dozen" Plainfield International Friendship Troop No.134 prepared to travel abroad.  Their purpose? To help promote international friendship! With the help of their leader, Mrs. Else Fuchs, and with their motto 'In '53 we shall be wise enough to sail the sea,' in the forefront of their minds, the group of Senior Girl Scouts raised enough money to cover their travel expenses. Finally, on June 19th, 1953, they set sail aboard the S.S. Veendam bound for Southhampton, England; the first stop on their six nation tour.   

Though their adventures abroad only lasted three months, the bonds that these young women forged have lasted a lifetime. In August 2013, the women of the Rugged Dozen came together for a reunion camping trip at Oak Spring to celebrate 60 years as a troop.  Some travelled from as far as New York, Florida  and even New Zealand to have fun and catch up with their sister Girl Scouts, and honor those that could not be there.  Mrs. Trudy Grimm, a member of the Rugged Dozen, says that this particular trip is just their regular reunion, but no less special  to them: "It's just our reunion! I believe the last time we got together was 5 years ago. It's almost always at Oak Spring. We even planted a memorial tree there for our troop leader."

Mrs. Grimm also attributes a lot of her success to the Girl Scouts: "You know the motto 'Be Prepared?' I find it to be true; being a Girl Scout prepares you for life in a way that nothing else does. You make these lifelong friends and connections." When asked what advice she had for new scouts, Mrs. Grimm said "My advice for new scouts is this: Make the most of the countless opportunities that are available to you through the program. There is just so much more a girl can be involved with now that will help prepare them for life!"

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