Wednesday, October 9, 2013

10 Reasons & Counting to be Girl Scout Volunteer

We talk a lot about the benefits the girls get from Girl Scouting; courage, confidence, character and even development of the 3 keys to leadership. Not much is said about all the wonderful things you get as a volunteer! From a sense of accomplishment to seeing a young girl become tomorrow’s leader, being a Girl Scout volunteer is filled we rewards! We've listed just a few below, but feel free to help our list grow!

  1. Give back. Someone was once your cheerleader; there to inspire you, to help you and to guide you. Now you can give back, and be that someone. Giving back feels great!
  2. FUN! Girl Scouting is all about leadership, but guess what? Leadership also includes fun! As a Girl Scout volunteer, not only do you promote the keys to leadership, but you have fun every step of the way. From exciting program adventures to camping outdoors—as a volunteer you will find yourself laughing and smiling all the time.
  3. Give something new a try. Not only do we offer great opportunities for our girls, but our volunteers also have the chance to try their hand at something new. Whether you want to see what you can create out of duct tape, learn how to make your very own rocket, or take a trip with your girls to someplace exciting, the opportunities for you are endless!
  4. Build that resume up. Adding Girl Scouts to your resume makes a clear statement:  you want to make a difference in the world by supporting  leadership and your community. Employers will want to hire you. Check out this study about the benefits of volunteer work on your resume from the Corporation for National & Community Service.
  5. You have something to share. Maybe you know a super special recipe for s’mores, or can help a group of girls build a robot. How about teaching girls how to explore the outdoors? You have skills and talents; share your knowledge with girls interested in learning everything and anything.
  6. You have time. Do you think you need to give hours and hours every week as a troop leader? Guess again!  Whether it's a day or a week, short term, long term or anything in between,  we have volunteer opportunities that suit your schedule. For those who want more, troop leaders are always in vogue!
  7. Make new friends AND bring the old ones along! As a Girl Scout volunteer, you are never alone. You belong to an International Movement of volunteers who care about making a difference. You will meet other passionate people and form lasting friendships. Hey, there is always room for one more, so bring your friends along!
  8. Because there is that special girl in your life. You might be a mom, dad, aunt, uncle,  or even a grandparent, and you have a special girl in your life who you want to see grow into a confident young woman. Grow alongside her as a Girl Scout volunteer and be there every step of the way.
  9. You want to make a positive difference. As a Girl Scout volunteer, when you make a difference in a girl’s life, you make a difference in the world. Our Girl Scouts go on to become courageous, confident  leaders in their communities, working to make their world a better place. You helped with that.
  10. Because you were a Girl Scout. Do you remember the troop meetings, the campfires, the badges and awards? The program has changed over the years, matching the needs of girls today. The values of Girl Scouting, however,  have stayed the same for over 100 years. 

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