Monday, September 16, 2013

Volunteer Testimonial - Tracy

Hi! I'm a Girls Scout mom & volunteer leader of my daughter's Daisy troop.

Last year when my daughter, Katherine, started Kindergarten I knew I wanted to get her involved with Scouting.

I went to the recruitment meeting & sat there with all of the other parents & watched as no one wanted to step up to become a leader.

I work full time, was (at that time) 5 months pregnant with my 3rd daughter, my Katherine was already committed to 2 dance classes, & my middle daughter had karate twice a week....but yet I raised my hand to become a co-leader. I couldn't just let these kids NOT have a troop. It didn't seem fair.

Fast forward to December...I became the troop leader & I had to then find someone to help me as co. My sister in law jumped in to help & now drives 30 minutes to come to meetings. We spent time away from our families to get the training in after working 40+ hours a week...but we did it....just the outdoor left!

After my 1st year as leader I can honestly say that I am very glad that I took the chance. I have met some phenomenal girls & made friends with great parents. I have a new co-leader who stepped up to help & I can't imagine NOT being the leader to these girls.

When I see them at school or events they run up & hug me. THAT is thanks enough for the hard work!

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  1. Your story made me cry because it is so similar to my own story. I am on year number 3 as a leader of two troops. I am also the Daisy Coach this year for our Service Unit trying to find leaders aka moms like us willing to step up to make a difference. My girls are my extended family. I cry thinking about the 5th grade graduation my Juniors went through in June. The other day I cried thinking about how I would be when they graduate 8th grade and then 12th grade. I cannot even think about how I will be when my Daisies now Brownies reach these milestones. Sometimes I feel the girls teach me more than I teach them.