Friday, August 2, 2013

Coming August 13 - eBiz Family Management!

Great news, this August our eBiz Online Registration System will receive a makeover! The eBiz system currently allows members to register online as members and for programs, trainings and events. We are upgrading our online registration website to a new family based registration system, meaning each Girl Scout family can be managed from one log in!  Please expect the site to be down from 5:00 PM EDT on August 9th until 8:00 AM EDT on August 13thduring the upgrade.  As part of the upgrade, all existing accounts (user names and passwords) will be deactivated.  Because the new system allows for a single log in experience, we will need to have all current accounts deactivated to accommodate the new single log in experience.

Benefits Include

  • Managing your daughter(s) Girl Scout memberships.
  • Registering your daughter(s) for events, programs and camps as well as easily renewing membership.
  • Managing the entire family, including past orders, demographic information and more!

All adults will be required to create a New Online Account to gain access to the system following the upgrade. You can reuse your old user name and password when creating your new online account if you choose. With your new online account, you will be able to manage yourself, your family and/or troop(s) depending on your current participation status. For example, a troop leader who has a daughter participating in Girl Scouts will be able to manage both her family and troop(s) with a single login.
Below are instructions for parents and troop leaders who will need to reactivate accounts after August 13. Our CES Support Staff will be available Monday – Friday from 9 AM – 5 PM to help and answer questions. Please contact our support team at or 800-582-7692 ext 288.

Instructions for Reactivation - Download & Print
One person per family will be designated as a Family Manager. This role will be assigned by the system according to the first listed parent or guardian on the child’s account (aka Guardian 1) at the time of the upgrade. Only the Family Manager will be able to view and manage the accounts of children and adult family member(s) from his/her own login. The Family Manager designation can be changed by contacting the council.
Girls under the age of 18 must be managed by a Family Manager and will no longer be able to login under their own name.  The adult listed second on the child’s account (aka Guardian 2) will become part of the family and can be managed by the Family Manager. The Guardian 2 is also able to activate and manage their own account if they wish.  They will see the guardian relationship with their child, but will be unable to manage their child’s activities or memberships.  
Troop Leaders:
Troop leaders with an online account can manage their troop(s) and troop members online. No data will be lost during the upgrade and leaders will be able to manage their troop(s) and their own account as soon as they create their New Online Account.

How to Create a New Online Account – Not Available Until After August 13
Step 1
Go to and click on the New Online Account button on the right hand side of the screen.
Step 2
Enter the information as requested. This basic information will allow the system to search for your record and help check if you already exist in our database.
Step 3
One of the following will apply:
·         If the system finds you in the database you will see the following message: Congratulations! We found you in the online system. Please go to your email and follow the instructions to activate your online account. Please follow the instructions to complete your account activation.
·         If you receive the following message:We have found you in the system, but in order to continue please contact us.” please follow the instructions and contact the council. This message generally appears when there is no email address on record or if there is a potential but unconfirmed match.
·         If the system does not find you in the database you will be prompted to provide additional information to create your profile.

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