Monday, June 24, 2013

Gone Gold

We're continuing to honor our Gold Award Girls throughout the month of June! We're so proud of their efforts in making the world a better place. We hope that by featuring the girl's projects, they will inspire you to take action in your community. Congrats to all the girls who earned their Girl Scout Gold Award

We Fit
Nabeela’s project We Fit was designed to raise awareness in youth about nutrition, health and how to make positive choices to fight childhood obesity.  “Working on my Girl Scout Gold Award not only showed my passion for working towards changing the food culture that has drastically affected the health of our nation, but also inspired me to continue and expand these efforts in the future through my education and career choice,” said Nabeela.

Basic Necessities!
Olivia’s Girl Scout Gold Award project focused on the personal hygiene needs of the homeless in Philadelphia and her local communities’ ability to help relieve the stress of those who are homeless. She requested donations of travel-sized toiletry items, undergarments and feminine-hygiene products for the Personal Care Loft at Broad Street Ministry (BMS).  Olivia also re-mastered how the attendee’s weekly requests at BMS were filled. “Working on my Girl Scout Gold Award project influenced me to become an overall better person,” said Olivia.

LEAP (Learning Enrichment in the Arts Program)
Jennifer focused her Girl Scout Gold Award on arts education, an area she felt was suffering in today’s economy. She developed and held weekly art classes for underprivileged children in her community. “Getting to know the children that I worked with changed my life,” said Jennifer. “Their enthusiasm and enjoyment reinforced my understanding of the importance of arts education, and has inspired me to continue to teach and serve others.”

Wii into Fitness
Julia’s project focused on helping to improve the health of senior citizens and  increase their daily exercise through learning how to use a Wii. “The intended goal of this project was to impact the lives of other people,” said Julia. “I never would have thought those same people would have such a strong impact on me. They gave me so much encouragement.”

Rebuilding Lawrence Township’s Safety Town
Catherin rebuilt Lawrence Township’s Safety Town, a two-week program for preschool children that teaches safety lessons about fire, pedestrians and traffic, water, guns, strangers and poisons/drugs. She worked with a team of youth and adults to plan, purchase, build, paint, decorate, deliver and present her final miniature “town” to the Lawrence Township Safety Town program at their opening ceremony in July 2012.  “I learned a lot about myself and what I can achieve while working on my Girl Scout Gold Award,” said Catherine.

Fit Fitness Into Your Lifestyle
Tasneem provided free interactive fitness sessions, homemade exercise guides, and consultations with certified personal trainers at an active adult community. Her goal was to offer access to exercise and daily healthy eating for adults 55 and over in her community. “After completing my Girl Scout Gold Award and challenging my leadership abilities, I now truly understand how every person has the power to make a difference,” said Tasneem.

Jessica Markowitz
Pillows for Patients
Jessica organized and hosted a breast cancer information seminar where over 600 care packages for mastectomy patients were made. The care packages contained compression pillows and drainage bags. “In a practical sense, working on my Girl Scout Gold Award expanded my organizational and financial skills, public speaking and persuasive writing,” said Jessica. “But Pillows for Patients was really about the 600 women suffering from breast cancer, and the many who will have to face it too.”

Save the Drama
Ashley wanted to instill a love and respect for theater art in youth in her community. She worked to show kids in her community how participating in theater can have a positive effect in their lives.  “Through reading, watching and most of all, participation in the dramatic arts, I have seen positive changes in the way the kids carry themselves and interact with their peers and teachers,” said Ashley. “They motivated each other to work hard, gave support, constructive criticism and inspired me with their enthusiasm.”

The Black Gold
After completing a Girl Scout Journey, Dhara was inspired to complete her Girl Scout Gold Award project on soil conservation and composting.  Dhara worked with her community, families, associations, and schools to begin composting. “This project went way beyond my initial expectation,” said Dhara. “My goal was to get 10 people to start composting. When I was done with the project, over 100 people learned and started making some effort to compost. Working on this project has helped me grow as a person.”

Project Reading
Charlotte helped improve children’s literacy at an inner-city elementary afterschool program in Trenton. She created a mobile library with 1,000 books to help engage kids in reading. “Working on the project gave me more confidence in taking on more responsibility and being proactive in my community; it has also reinforced my ability and love of working with children,” said Charlotte.

Stitching Backstage
Angelina Raquel’s project addressed the lack of sewing skills in today’s society. She taught teenagers how to sew as well as provided costumes for the very well received musical, Zombie Prom. “I gained more confidence in myself and of all the things that I am and could be capable of,” said Angelina Raquel.

Water, Water Everywhere, Nor Any Drop to Drink
Emily designed and built a rain garden at Wreck Pond near Wall, NJ. The goal of her project was to stop rainwater run-off from reaching and polluting the water, which closes beaches in the summer. Rain gardens naturally filter chemicals out of the water and recharge ground water. “My Girl Scout Gold Award project has empowered me to take the lead on future projects,” said Emily.

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