Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Gone Gold!

Beaver County PA Industrial Museum
Alison worked with the Beaver County Industrial Museum to create a database to hold the employment records of various steel companies. She also organized books in the library so that anyone interested in the history of the steel industry could easily find information about the museum. “Working on my Girl Scout Gold Award has made me appreciate history more and now that I know more about the steel industry I appreciate my ancestors who worked there too,” said Alison.

Dancing in the Streets
Jocelyn introduced the fine art of dance to the children at the Boys and Girls Club of Glassboro. Their weekly dance lessons culminated in a trip to see the Nutcracker. “My project has helped me become a leader in my community,” said Jocelyn. “I am excited to use these new skills in the future.”

Fabulous Finds from the Food Bank
Paris successfully influenced clients at the Food Bank of Montesano to change their view on food and showed them how to take action to stay healthy. “My Girl Scout Gold Award project has changed me as a person because I was able to help others struggling with food and weight issues,” said Paris. “It has impacted my own life because it was great to benefit others rather than myself.”

Women’s Equality Awareness
Riddhima organized sessions for young teens about women’s inequality in the workplace. She shared shocking facts with them about how women are still not paid the same amount as men. “As I will be entering the workplace in the future, I wanted to spread awareness about this cause with my peers so that we can work towards eliminating the wage gap as the next generation,” said Riddhima.

Bridging the Gap
Molly created a mentoring program to help students in her district’s science and engineering fair. Over thirty students in grades four to six were paired with high school mentors who guided them through experiments. “The project allowed me to grow as an individual and to depend on myself because I was the one people were depending on,” said Molly.

Solar Cookers for Ghana
Neha saw a need for an inexpensive alternative cooking method in Ghana from the traditional method of cooking with fire and charcoal.  She partnered with an organization called, Joy2theWorld to better educate the youth and female adults in villages throughout Ghana.  She was able to provide 62 solar cookers as well as spread awareness about the benefits of solar cooking through multiple publications and media venues both in New Jersey and in Ghana.

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