Monday, June 17, 2013

Gone Gold!

Read 2 Succeed
Smriti shared her love for books with children at a Habitat for Humanity afterschool program. She built book shelves, created a catalog and added almost 500 books to the collection as well as toys and games. Smriti also gave reading workshops supplemented with an art project. “This project gave me a chance to explore new things and meet new people,” said Smriti. “It taught me to plan out things carefully and put myself out there. It’s had an irreversible impact on my life and my confidence.”

Oxford Public Library 90th Anniversary Celebration
Amanda planned, organized and executed the Oxford Public Library 90th Celebration. The celebration included a town carnival with games and prizes for all ages. “I learned that I enjoy planning things and I see myself planning other events in my future,” said Amanda.

Stories In My Pocket
Natalie’s project was inspired by her love for reading. She envisioned and created a sustainable program to inspire kids to enjoy reading and writing. “Thanks to the completion of my Girl Scout Gold Award, I have become a stronger and more confident young woman,” said Natalie. “Putting that much heart and effort into my project has allowed me to see the difference I can make at such a young age, and gives me greater faith in myself and my abilities.”

School is Out, Service is In!
Through her project Shreya encouraged other teens to become active in community service. She created new and engaging opportunities for teens to volunteer over school breaks. Shreya was also able to gather and donate school supplies to a school in India. “I was motivated by the effect that volunteers had in the community- whether it was delivering a meal to a home bound senior, cleaning up a forest or giving school supplies to a school in need- we all made a profound impact,” said Shreya.

Early Childhood Literacy and Family Connections
Ashley created a program to increase family participation of early childhood literacy at the Princeton Nursery School.  She used games, songs, books and a literacy festival as tactics to create understanding and raise awareness. “The best feeling in the world was when I put so much time into building games for the kids and they screamed with delight when they learned the new game,” said Ashley. “That’s when I knew I wanted to give all children the same opportunity to learn.”

Religion Through the Eyes of a Child
Stephanie wanted to motivate children to be more interested in their religion. She created crafts and games to use during lessons, which made learning about religion more interesting. “This made me more interested in my own religion, which is really cool,” said Stephanie.

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