Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Gone Gold!

For the entire month of June, we are going to be featuring our all of the girls who have earned their Girl Scout Gold Award! We are so proud of their hard work and effort. We hope that by spotlighting all of these amazing projects, you will be inspired to go and make the world a better place. Congrats to all of the girls who have gone gold!

Building a Library for Children in Trenton
Kriti wanted to motivate children to learn and develop early reading and language skills. To accomplish this goal she built a library at a non-profit organization, El Centro, which specializes in serving the Hispanic community in Trenton.  “Working on my Girl Scout Gold Award project influenced me to dedicate my time and help communities struggling to obtain resources such as access to a library and age appropriate books,” said Kriti. “I felt that I made a difference by helping the Hispanic community at El Centro.”

Pass It Down
Cassandra’s project encouraged families to recycle and go “green” by requesting they “pass down” games they no longer used to children and families at the Making it Possible to End Homelessness Shelter in Edison. She hosted a game night at the shelter where she brought the families together for a night of fun. “I learned that I can make a huge impact by staying focused and inspiring others to help all the children in the shelter,” said Cassandra.

Puppet Theater for Children in El Centro!
Nikita  constructed a puppet theater, collected puppets, and performed shows for children at El Centro, a non-profit organization in Trenton. Nikita’s goal was to provide a fun and educational environment for children during their summer break while helping them  develop their communication and presentation skills. “Completing my project improved my leadership abilities and my organizational, communication, and planning skills,” said Nikita.

Summer Program for Alzheimer’s Dementia Patients
Marlena created social programs and memory boxes to encourage memory stimulation in patients at an assisted living home.  “This project was very rewarding because I made a difference for people who felt very alone,” said Marlena. “There was visible improvement in patient socialization, memory recall and I formed a personal relationship with each resident.  Completing this project helped me to manage people, develop a realistic budget and think about project sustainability.”

Urban Promise Enrichment
Eva worked with Urban Promise to create a library in one of their small classrooms with donated items. She also tutored several children and planned and delivered a week of summer camp. “In a lot of ways, I learned more than the girls I tutored,” said Eva. “I taught them about multiplication, but they taught me about privilege, determination, and choices.”

To Teach Children to Love and Serve One Another
Lindsey was inspired to teach younger children about religion. She provided religious education lessons that had a positive outcome on the children she worked with. “As an individual, I was blessed and honored to give children the word of God,” said Lindsey. “It has impacted my life with the smiles and laughter the children brought to me each week.”

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