Friday, April 12, 2013

Money Counts

As we've been gearing up towards the release of "Having it All: Girls and Financial Literacy", we didn't want to forget our younger Girl Scout sisters! Parents, it's never too early to start talking with your daughter about money and how to manage it. Starting at a young age will only help her grow confidence because with time and experience, she will know the skills to use her money wisely. That's why in the Girl Scout Daisy's Guide to Girl Scouting, we have the Money Counts badge to get a head start.

Help your Girl Scout Daisy (Grades K-1) know these three things:
1. Understand different kinds of coins
2. Know more about paper money
3. Find out the cost of fun

Don't be afraid to let your daughter know how much your family activities cost so she can get a sense of how much things are worth. It's great to present her with a several choices that way she can be a part of the decision making.

Here's a fun activity to help you get started:
Found on page 3 of the Money Counts badge in a Girl Scout Daisy's Guide to Girl Scouting

When girls are confident in making wise decisions with their money, it will help them reach their dreams. This is why Girl Scouts finds it important to teach girls financial literacy through courage, confidence and character, so they have the skills to make the world a better place.  

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