Friday, January 25, 2013

Congratulations WAGS Robotics Team!

Congratulations to the nine girls of the WAGS Robotics Team! They were highly successful at the last qualifier of their season.  With their wins on Sunday, January 20th, three in total, the girls will be competing at the State Championships at NJIT on February 9th.

WAGS won a spot at the States on three criteria.  First, on points earned on the field of play itself (how well the robot did), as a Team Alliance Captain (how well their robot played with others) and finally and most importantly, the girls won the impressive Inspire Award.  This award is the top award to win in First Tech Challenge (FTC), because it covers all aspects of FTC. Below is the criteria for the Inspire Award that WAGS meet. Job well done ladies! 

Guidelines for the Inspire Award
  • Team must demonstrate respect and Gracious Professionalism both for team members and fellow teams
  • Engineering Notebook must be submitted, and must impress the judges
  • Team must work beyond their robot to help spread awareness of the team, FIRST, and the FIRST Tech
  • Challenge within the community
  • Team displays good communication and teamwork skills within the team as well as with their alliances
  • Team communicates clearly about their robot design to the judges
  • Team presents themselves well in the judges interview
  • Robot effectively competes in the game challenge and impresses the judges
  • Team and Robot consistently performs well during matches
  • Team is a strong contender for all other judged awards

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