Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Girl Scouts Names Winner of K12 “I Want to Rock the Mall” YouTube Contest

Dana Marie will perform for 200,000 at Girl Scouts Rock the Mall: 100th Anniversary Sing‐Along

WASHINGTON – Girl Scouts announced the winner of the K12 and Girl Scouts I Want to Rock the Mall
YouTube contest. Dana Marie Rogers a Girl Scout Ambassador from Old Bridge, NJ wowed the judges
with an original Girl Scout Cookie Rap that landed her a spot on stage, June 9th at Girl Scouts Rock
the Mall: 100th Anniversary Sing‐Along.

The YouTube contest was created to excite and motivate the tech‐savvy youth culture. Girl Scouts
across the United States jumped onboard and created original songs celebrating what it means to be
a Girl Scout. Some played guitars, were backed by their family band, or created cool videos for the
chance to perform live onstage in Washington, DC at Girl Scouts Rock the Mall before an anticipated
audience of 200,000 Girl Scouts, family, friends and alumnae from around the world. Girl Scouts Rock
the Mall will be the largest gathering of Girl Scouts to mark the 100th anniversary of the movement.
Dana Marie performing Girl Scout Cookie Rap.

Thia Megia, “American Idol” finalist and K12 student will introduce Dana Marie to hundreds of
thousands of Girl Scouts, family, friends and alumnae expected to converge on the National Mall to
enjoy female song leaders and girl groups perform in what might be the world’s largest sing‐along.
She is also scheduled to perform One Day and Always. Megia said, “I am so honored to be a part of
this special day and cannot wait to watch Girl Scouts Rock the Mall winner Dana Maria perform on

Girl Scouts Rock the Mall teamed‐up with K12 Inc, America’s leader in online learning for students in
grades kindergarten through 12, to tap the tech‐savvy youth culture with the YouTube contest.
“Students using K12’s education programs have the flexibility and freedom they need to fulfill dreams
inside and outside of the traditional classroom, said Ron Packard, K12 founder and CEO. ” We are so
proud to be partnering with an organization that shares our vision by encouraging girls to showcase
their talents and follow their dreams.”

“As we prepare to celebrate 100 years of Girl Scouting at Girl Scouts Rock the Mall, it is encouraging
to listen to girls express the importance of being part of an organization that encourages inclusion,
builds girls’ confidence and empowers girls to be leaders,” said Lidia Soto‐Harmon, CEO of the Girl
Scout Council of the Nation’s Capital. “We thank our sponsor, K12 for making this contest possible.
Every Girl Scouts’ song was a winner and every girl should continue to explore her passions.”
Girl Scouts have been writing, singing and playing songs that celebrate sisterhood and the
fundamental ideals of Girl Scouting for 100 years – the only difference now is that they’re able to
reach so many more as their voices are heard across the country and beyond. To view all entries
please visit the I Want to Rock the Mall YouTube Channel.

"GSCSNJ is very proud of Dana Marie and her achievement," states Mary E. Connell, CEO for the Girl Scouts of Central & Southern NJ. "As we move forward we hope to see more girls using today's technology as a resource for Girl Scouting."

About K12
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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

EF Tours Photo Contest

Photo Contest Announcement

EF Tours for Girl Scouts is taking photo submissions! Girls, please submit a photo of your choice from an international or domestic trip along with a title, the region and country where the photo was taken AND an answer to one of the questions listed below to girl.scouts@ef.com by Thursday May, 31, 2012 at 4 PM EST. The winner will receive a backpack with a travel guide and digital camera!

  • What do you find adventurous about travel? (min 200 words)
  • What do you like most about travel? (min 200 words)
  • How have you used what you have learned from a recent travel experience in your daily life at home? (min 200 words)

Winner will be notified by email. Announcement will be made at the B.I.G Celebration on June 23rd and the prize will be sent to the winner by mail. You do not need to be present to win. Please submit all photos by email to: girl.scouts@ef.com

EF Tours for Girl Scouts offers international travel opportunities for Girl Scouts. Please visit us online to enter to win a free trip and learn more about international travel opportunities! EF Tours for Girls Scouts is part of EF Education, the world leader in international education.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Salem Middle School students take action to improve an eyesore they are faced with every day

SALEM — Sixth-grade students in the Salem Middle School’s 21st Century afterschool program meet regularly in the school’s cafeteria, where just outside their window, an ugly abandoned building looms in plain sight.

It’s a beige, multi-level structure with knocked out windows and chipped paint, remembered by residents to have been a car dealership decades ago — certainly not something anyone would want to have to look at on a daily basis.

“It’s ugly. It needs a lot of work,” said sixth-grader Delorian Lewis.

Though demolition funds to knock down vacant buildings in the city are tough to come by, the students in 21st Century came up with one idea to at least make the structure less of an eyesore.

With some outside help from the Girl Scouts of Central &Southern NJ’s Take Action Program, the students are painting a mural to hang in the windows of the building.

“We were invited into the school to do a Take Action project, and we asked the students what they would like to do or fix-up in their community,” said Rona Whitehead, a leadership specialist with the Girl Scouts of Central & Southern NJ.

“We brainstormed with the students on a project appropriate for sixth graders, and we came up with the idea of creating a mural for the community.”
SALEM_MURAL_IMG_7892_8204605.JPGView full sizeThis eyesore building across from the Salem Middle School will be improved by murals painted by students.

Whitehead said in speaking with students, she found that they really didn’t like looking at the ugly abandoned building, which is located just across from the middle school on New Market Street.

Since the building is owned by the city, Whitehead worked in partnership with Salem Main Street to get permission for the mural. After a few weeks of research, followed by brainstorming and design sketches, permission was given to install the mural in its windows, where students could see it and take pride.

“I think the students can be proud of themselves when they look at it, and that they went through all the different steps and took action,” said Whitehead.

The mural is being painted on wood panels, which once assembled, depict people holding hands around the symbolic Salem Oak, a landmark in Salem City.

A message on the mural reads, “Salem Means Peace.”

“The students came up with all the ideas, and those ideas were incorporated into a design,” said mural artist Patty Lafferty, who helped outline the mural. “The students told me about the oak tree and that Salem means peace, so we took those ideas and designed the mural.”

 Students are currently in the process of painting the mural, and the group expects to complete it sometime next week.

“I think this is nice, because we don’t get to do stuff like this around Salem,” said student Janiah Ryals, 12. “Kids have nothing to do, so we end up in the house or getting in trouble. I think this is something fun and good for our community.”

Once the mural is hung, Salem Main Street Executive Director Chris Davenport said he has received permission from the city to have the abandoned building re-painted if Main Street can come up with supplies and volunteers.

“I think the students did a great job thinking of this, and the Girl Scouts organization was great for helping them,” said Davenport. “My hope is that other groups in the community might be inspired to take on more projects like this.”

Salem Middle School Vice-Principal Mary Benatti oversees the 21st Century program, and said she is very proud of the students’ efforts.

“I think a project like this helps the students take pride in their community,” said Benatti. “It lets them see that they can make a difference and bring change. I think that’s a valuable lesson for anyone to learn.”

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