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Woodbury Heights Girl Scouts donates cookies to local food bank

Woodbury Heights Girl Scouts donates cookies to local food bank
WOODBURY — The Girl Scout Cookie Program became more than just a lesson on money management and business ethics for one Woodbury Heights troop this week when they donated more than 50 boxes to the Greater Woodbury Cooperative Ministries Food Bank.

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Woodbury Heights Girl Scout troop 61782 deliver 54 boxes of girl scout cookies and canned goods to the Greater Cooperative Ministries Food Bank in Woodbury. Staff Photo by Tim Hawk/Gloucester County Times 

Woodbury Heights Girl Scout Troop 61782 filed into the food bank to donate cookies, and some other non-perishables, to who the girls specifically understood were “people who don’t have enough money to buy food,” second grader Courtney O’Hara said.

As the troop wrapped up their annual cookie sale campaign this week, some of the mothers of the girls decided it’d be a good opportunity to learn about paying generosity forward to the community, according to Troop Leader Lisa Daniels.

“When we were kids, it was people telling us, ‘there are kids starving in Africa,” Daniels remembers. “Now, it’s ‘kids are starving next door.’”

In keeping with one of their general themes of philanthropy, the girls quietly helped unload the boxes and bags of cookies and food and were given a lesson on what they do and who they help by the food bank’s director, Kathy Stackhouse-Cunningham.

“Most of the families that come here normally wouldn’t be able to afford cookies, this will be a real treat for them,” Stackhouse-Cunningham said. “People are going to be so excited about this,” she told the children.
The food bank serves approximately 350 needy families a month.

“I don’t think we’ve ever had cookies donated to us before,” Stackhouse-Cunningham said with a smile. “This is just great.”

According to Daniels, the inspiration to donate to the food bank came from a teacher of the some of the kindergarten girls.

“[Woodbury Heights Elementary School kindergarten teacher Nancy] Barton encourages her students to give back to the community,” Daniels said. “She keeps a jar in her classroom where the children can drop spare change. Then she donates the money to the food bank. We are just expanding on what she started.”
The girl scouts were able to collect boxes to donate while they were selling them door-to-door, at cookie booths outside of local businesses and with the help of their parents. People were able to buy boxes for the sole purpose of donating them to the food bank, as well.

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