Wednesday, January 18, 2012

One Million Mile Challenge

One Million is a pretty BIG number when you think about it.  It has six zeros!!  If someone challenged me to walk one millions miles…I would think…that’s insane!  Now, one hundred…that’s a reasonable number.  There are only two zeros.  I can walk one hundred miles.  That is doable…even challenging. 

The One Million Mile Challenge is a program that was developed as a signature event for our council to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Girl Scouting this year.  Girls and adults are challenged to walk 100 miles for the 100th!  They would do this using a pedometer to track their steps and convert the number of steps into miles.  By registering for the program, participants receive a pedometer, commemorative patch, and tracking sheet.  These are distributed to the Service Unit Managers who bring them to their local monthly Leader’s Meeting to give out.  

The purpose of this program?  To brings awareness to the girls, their troops, and their families about healthy living and staying active.  Until you put on that pedometer and really track your steps, you do not know how active or inactive you really are in a day.  Participants are encouraged to set goals for the number of steps they want to achieve in a day or week.  If an entire troop is participating they can ask members to bring their logs to a meeting to look at how much the troop has accomplished together.  The same is true for a family.  They can talk about it over dinner and track their progress weekly.  Maybe the troop/family can set a goal to walk to another state….New York City…or even Disney World!  By adding up the miles troops can track this on a large map.   The best part of the program is there really is NO ending date.  That’s right.  Participants can register at any time to start walking.  I think once you start wearing the pedometer, it becomes so much FUN you don’t want to stop. 

So where do you sign-up?  Registration can be done online via our eBIZ system.  You can log on to our website at and look under programs/events to find the link to register.  Registration will remain open until we reach 10,000 people or the end of the Girl Scout year, whichever comes first.

We are hoping to have 10,000 people participate in the program – each walking 100 miles – helping us achieve our goal of One Million Miles!  There is even a virtual pedometer on our website where participants can track the progress for the entire council.  Participants are encouraged to click on the pedometer and fill out the submission form to add their steps to our total.

With us each walking at least 100 miles, together we will reach our goal of One Million Miles!

Let us know about your steps! Share your stories, walking events and photos on our blog! Submit to, subject line Million Mile Challenge. 

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