Thursday, February 24, 2011

Girl Scouts Hoops! New GS BASKETBALL TEAM takes the court

Girls Scouts who want to get in shape and improve their basketball skills are now in a “league of their own”. The Girl Scouts of Central & Southern NJ (GSCSNJ) has created a new basketball team comprised of Girl Scouts in grades 7-8. Over the past two months, the GS Celtics team won their first three games against Highland Park and two South River teams. “Girl Scouts of Central & Southern NJ believes that girls can lead anywhere – on the basketball court, in school, and in life. That’s why we are happy to offer Girl Scouts and their families this chance to experience Girl Scouting in a new way – through basketball,” said Andrea Miller, Director of Membership for Girl Scouts Central & Southern NJ.

The desire to start the GS Celtics team was conceived by Tannya Hemingway, Leadership Development Specialist for GSCSNJ. Faced with a decline in girl membership, and a rise in the number of girls who are interested in playing team sports, Ms. Hemingway realized that basketball could be a great way to keep girls interested in the values of Girl Scouting. “I hope that this can be the beginning of many other Girl Scout teams such as soccer, tennis softball and bowling,” said Ms. Hemingway.

The more physically active girls are, the greater their self-esteem and the more satisfied they are with their weight, regardless of how much they weigh. Eighty-three percent of very active girls say that physical activity makes them feel good about themselves. (The Girl Scout Research Institute, The New Normal? What Girls Say About Healthy Living (2006)).

Although sports and physical activity are a part of girls' and boys' lives in and out of school at varying levels, girls tend to be less active than boys. Sports/education and youth development programs can provide opportunity for girls to engage in positive, healthy physical activity.

For more information about the Girl Scout basketball team; to see the game schedule to join, volunteer, reconnect or donate to Girl Scouts of Central & Southern NJ, call (800) 582-7692 or visit

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Take Action on World Thinking Day - From Dove

When I was a little girl, my best friend lived down the block and my closest group of friends all lived within a mile of my house. Today, a "neighborhood" can be an online community, and girls can have friends in every corner of the globe. Sure, they can meet with their Girl Scout troop down the block, but they can also IM with friends from a few towns over, and video chat with a relative on another continent. Girls today truly live in a much bigger world than we could have imagined just a few years ago. What is most exciting about this is that access to information and technology have ignited a creative spark in girls everywhere who are setting out to do amazing things today to change the world.

We can all celebrate the imagination and leadership displayed by the girls in our lives this month by joining Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. and girls around the world as they celebrate World Thinking Day. This is a wonderful occasion that helps girls think about how the actions they take at home and in their towns can have a positive impact on the world at large. Girls are inspired to "think globally and act locally" on this day by discovering themselves and their values, by connecting via teamwork with other Girl Scouts, and by taking action to improve the world. As with all great pursuits, however, building leadership and self-esteem in girls begins with simple steps.

You can celebrate World Thinking Day and inspire a girl in your life to reach her full potential by spending just one hour with her engaging in any number of activities that encourage thinking and conversation.

Here are a few suggestions:

1. Teach Empathy: Talk to your daughter about some of the challenges she may be facing and ask if she thinks these issues affect other girls as well.

2. Read: Take a visit to your local library and look for age-appropriate books that speak to some of the issues affecting girls; use this book to continue a discussion with a girl in your life.

3. Learn: Download an activity from It's Your Story - Tell It!, the new Girl Scout program supported by the Dove Movement, and help a girl discover who she is and reach her full potential.

When we educate and inspire girls we can change the world. This doesn't happen overnight, but it does happen when we all take the time to engage with the girls in our lives and encourage them to be active and confident members of society. When you think about it, that is the most beautiful outcome of self-esteem: a girl who wants to put her skills and abilities to use to make herself and her world better. I can't help but feel inspired as I write this and think about all of the potential that exists among today's girls. 

How about you? Will you join me in taking action on World Thinking Day?

You can learn more about World Thinking Day by visiting Girl Scouts of the USA online.

 We look forward to hearing about what you've done on World Thinking Day; share your thoughts and stories with us at As always, thanks for all that you do.

Beautiful Regards,
Emmy and your friends at Dove

Friday, February 4, 2011

Cookie Bake-Off Finalist

Meet the finalist and winners of our first Cookie Bake-off!

On Saturday January 15th entrants in the Girl Scout Cookie Bake-off gathered at the Cherry Hill Service Center (CHSC) to share their desserts, creatively made with Girl Scout Cookies. Although it was a tough choice, contest judges narrowed down the competition from ten semifinalists to three, who would go on the final round of competition. On January 22nd three finalist gathered to make their desserts at the CHSC and present them the a panel of judges, which included Mary E. Connell our CEO; Rhonda Holland, GSCSNJ Board Member; Toni Walton, owner and baker for Sweet T’s Bakeshop and former cake decorator at Carlo’s Bakery; and  Sumiyyah Harvey, Manager at the Cherry Hill Cheesecake Factory.

First place went to the team of Kelly McVeigh and Mia Mancini who created a delicious Peanut Butter Pattie Pie made from Peanut Butter Patties and Peanut Butter Sandwiches. Kelly and Mia are both Girl Scout Brownies from the Marlton Service Unit who love cooking and baking.  Both girls have taken cooking classes and are always getting together to make new dishes to emulate their favorite television show such as “Cake Boss” and “Chopped.” Their spin on a Peanut Butter Pie was not only mouthwatering, but it looked delectable. Kelly and Mia’s clever use of Girl Scout Cookies and visual presentation made their dessert rise to the top.

Girl Scout Daisies Jessica Herstein of Marlton Service Unit and Erin Eckert of the New Brunswick Service Unit were the two runners up. Jessica made a very refreshing Thin Mint Nanaimo Bar. Jessica was inspired to make a Girl Scout Cookie version of the Nanaimo Bars, which are famous in Canada, because her mom is Canadian. Erin baked a scrumptious Coconutty Caramel deLite Pie, using Caramel deLite Cookies in the crust and as a topping. It is easy to tell that Erin’s favorite cookie is the Caramel deLite because her dessert incorporated the creamy “coconutty” flavor from the first bite to the last crumb. 

Check out our photo album!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Miles and Miles

Miles and Miles

I’m at another crossroad; wrapped up in time,
Searching for something that’s just so hard to find.
All the signs have led me to this place,
Running from all the problems I couldn’t face.

The bright, flaming colors, attracted my gaze.
It seemed like the sky has swirling, as if a haze.
Shining so bright and close, but knowing it is far away,
When it’s like this, you know it has ended a day.

It takes my breath away, day in and day out,
This is the moment that makes you think what living’s about.
Nothing can compare to the beauty of this,
Some will think, and others will wish.

Miles and miles, my destiny seems to spread,
Faces that I know, but others have fled.
A life long of letdowns and accomplishments still to come,
For now, I will live my life to the fullest, until I am done.

-Paris A.



Walking down the open road,
The path you’re taking- no one knows
Footsteps falling, edging closer
The beats of others always differ

Footsteps frozen, there forever
Circle, staggers, but straight lines never
Along the way, the rain pours down
Guilt and regret, the footsteps turn around

The moment in time, where the footsteps are more than one
The cage of the gray clouds unleash the sun
The footsteps proud, slam into the ground
Confidence and certainty finally found

Head held high, walking straight
The footsteps stride- no time to wait
The path you’re taking- no one knows
Walking down the open road.
 -Zoey A. 

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