Thursday, February 3, 2011

Miles and Miles

Miles and Miles

I’m at another crossroad; wrapped up in time,
Searching for something that’s just so hard to find.
All the signs have led me to this place,
Running from all the problems I couldn’t face.

The bright, flaming colors, attracted my gaze.
It seemed like the sky has swirling, as if a haze.
Shining so bright and close, but knowing it is far away,
When it’s like this, you know it has ended a day.

It takes my breath away, day in and day out,
This is the moment that makes you think what living’s about.
Nothing can compare to the beauty of this,
Some will think, and others will wish.

Miles and miles, my destiny seems to spread,
Faces that I know, but others have fled.
A life long of letdowns and accomplishments still to come,
For now, I will live my life to the fullest, until I am done.

-Paris A.

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