Friday, June 11, 2010

WOW Blog - So Much for One Day

I look forward to attending WOW each year because there are a lot of opportunities for learning all in one day!

And it's not all just arts and crafts. I've attended a 'signing' workshop, a bridging workshop and a Dutch Oven Cooking Workshop to name a few. Sometimes I choose a course because it just sounds fun - even if it is too advanced for my Brownie Troop. Other times I've taken a course because it may give me ideas or confidence to do it with my troop. Two years ago, one of my Brownie Troops learned to sign the Girl Scout Promise. They enjoyed that so much that we decided to earn the 'Signing Friends' Try-it from our Council's Own!

 This year's choices were tough! I hope to learn more about 'Lashing' (I got a taste of it in my outdoor skills training), 'Doing it with Duct Tape' and 'Geocaching' to name a few. And I hope that the Saturday evening weather is good, cause I'm up for a Bonfire! The little fire bowl in the back yard just isn't the same! See you there!!

Wanda Adamson

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