Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Volunteers Wanted

Are you interested in helping GSCSNJ build and grow more relationships?  These relationships will be key to resources needed to support our work with girls now and in the future.

We’re looking for enthusiastic, energetic volunteers who are able to commit time and talent as needed.  For details, contact Donna Evans, Chief Development Officer, devans@gscsnj.org or call 732-821-9090, ext. 114

Limited space is available for a two-day intensive workshop to help GSCSNJ shape its vision to provide resources to support our work with girls now and in the future!  All expenses paid for an overnight stay in the Washington, DC area. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Girl Scout Troop 81423 Earn Bronze Award

Over 150 items, including swings, bouncy seats, toys and clothes filled up donation boxes on Sunday, June 8th, thanks to the hard work of Girl Scout Juniors in Troop 81423.

Eleven very hardworking fourth- and fifth-grade girls, spent the past several months working on the highly distinguished Girl Scout Bronze Award, the highest honor a Girl Scout Junior can achieve.

One of the main components for the award is for the girls to look at their surrounding community, identify an issue and then take action to plan and complete a project that makes a lasting a difference. The girls in troop 81423 decided to focus on helping children and voted to host a donation drive for Newark Beth Israel Hospital.  They agreed to run a dessert party “Dessert with Divas” where attendees brought donations and in return were presented with hand-made desserts and watched a talent expo.

The girls want to thank all of the attendees for their very generous donations as well as their leaders, their moms, and Ashley Vitale from Verne Fowler School of Dance for helping make this community service project a success!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Camp Inawendiwin Lake Rededication

Camp Inawendiwin Lake Rededication

We are pleased to announce the return of our lake at Camp Inawendiwin! Our Girl Scout families, friends and supporters are invited to join us for a special celebration at camp this summer. The return of the lake at camp not only enhances the beauty of our camp, but also offers girls the opportunity for exciting waterfront adventures this summer.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

5 - 6 PM
Please RSVP to Natasha Southerland atnsoutherland@gscsnj.org

Friday, April 4, 2014


GSCSNJ has such an exciting summer planned! Why, you ask? Because summer camp is here! 

Some of our summer camp highlights include:

  • The return of the lake at Inawendiwin! Girls will once again be able to enjoy waterfront activities this year during Inawendiwin’s day camp. The very excited camp staff has all sorts of fun things planned, like canoeing, swimming, splashing, and waterfront games.
  • Now you won’t have to wait all summer to see your troop with a troop camping option at Sacy. You can enjoy camp together and really bond in the great outdoors. Also exciting for Sacy this year is a day camp option for those not quite ready to stay away overnight. You’ll still be able to hike, cook, become an archer, and more, all while going home to the comfort of your own bed.
  • Saddle up! Sacy and Oak Spring both have equestrian programs this summer. You’ll learn safety, how to care for horses, and of course, get to ride at a local stable. 
  • Don’t forget about our regular activities that are anything but average! You’ll be zip lining with the wind blowing in your hair, climbing the rock wall (I think I can see my house from up there…), become a bow-woman like Katniss, and play by the lake at any of our three camps.

For those who love the idea of camp, but won’t be attending camp themselves (ahem, I’m looking at you, grown-ups), consider sending a girl to camp by making a donation to GSCSNJ’s Campership campaign. You’ll make sure that no girl in our council will miss the opportunity to do any of the fun things above just because she can’t afford a week of camp. In addition to having a blast, girls gain so much from time spent at camp. They learn to be independent, self-sufficient, confident, and so much more. Give a girl the gift of camp and she’ll have the experience of a lifetime!

If you’re interested in signing up for camp or making a donation, there’s still time! Head over to www.campforgirls.org and check out the website. You’ll find the camp brochure, information on financial aid, and the Give Back button to make a contribution to Campership.

Have a great summer, campers!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Alumnae Spotlight - Isabel “Izzy” Kasdin

Izzy Kasdin is a history major at Princeton University, where she was recently awarded twice for her achievements. Izzy was the co-recipient of the University's 2014 Moses Taylor Pyne Honor Prize, the highest general distinction conferred on an undergraduate. This honor is given to a senior who shows excellent scholarship, as well as strength of character and outstanding leadership skills. She was also awarded the Gates Scholarship, bestowed to only 40 students in the US each year who plan to study in areas that will help make a difference in the world. Izzy will be attending the University of Cambridge in England later this year, where she plans to earn a master’s in archaeology.

When asked about her achievements at Princeton, Izzy didn’t hesitate to credit many of the things she learned as a Girl Scout to her current success. Izzy was Girl Scout for 12 years, and said it was a “rite of passage” for her and her fellow graduating troop members to become lifetime members together. In fact, once when she lost her wallet, the first thing she thought to do was call her mom and ask her to secure a new lifetime membership card!

Izzy praises her troop leader, Kristin, for really giving girls the reigns, allowing them to learn collaborative leadership throughout their entire scouting experience. “Her goal was to build leaders,” says Izzy. The troop experienced many incredible things, and was always focused on the big picture goals. The girls raised funds to take a trip to Savannah near the end of their girl experience, but they weren’t content with just a vacation. While there, they did service for a senior citizen home and were even feature on TV for their efforts. “For us, Girl Scouts was always about service and helping people.”

Izzy earned her Girl Scout Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards, and also served on the Gold Award review board as a girl representative. Izzy remembers how positive Girl Scouts was, encouraging her to achieve her dreams. “Girl Scouts never said no, you can’t do that, you’re not able to do that.” As an adult and a Princeton University student, Izzy has continued to push forwarded towards new goals, knowing she can do anything thanks to the confidence she gained as Girl Scout.

Advice for Girl Scouts

“I’d convince girls to stick with the program – the moment people give up on Girl Scouts is when Girl Scouts gets really special. All of the life changing experiences happened when I was older. Those experiences are really powerful. Girl Scouts is a powerful force of people who can get behind you and help you accomplish big projects in a supportive framework. This experience will help you do that in other parts of your life.”
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